About Us


The KDF was established in Canada to provide medical assistance to children in South Africa burdened with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Kungwini is the new name for a suburb of Pretoria in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. It means a place of mist. It was known as Bronkhorstspruit until 2012 and is the birthplace of one of the founders of the KDF, Dr. Mohamed Hussain, whose vision or dream as a child was to provide health assistance to all the children of Africa. The scourge of poverty, apartheid, war and disease has dismembered the development of Africa and its children.

Children with developmental and intellectual difficulties are most affected and systemically ignored and marginalized. The peak of the HIV epidemic is at present, and the need for medical assistance has never been greater, especially in children whose hope of survival has never been as optimistic as it is at present with the new antiviral medicines. The goals of the KDF are to optimize the health of these children and their chances of acquiring and education and skills in order to improve their standard of living and an opportunity to be independent and functional in society.

The KDF reaches out to children in their school environment so their educators and healthcare providers can actively assess, manage and monitor their need promptly and efficiently at no cost to the child. Health services are not publically funded as yet in South Africa.

The Kungwini Dream Fund is a registered charity with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (#80882 7687 RR0001). Kungwini Dream Fund issues official receipts for income tax purposes.