Our Programs

The Kungwini Dream Fund offers a variety of programs designed to improve the lives of children in South Africa.

Medical Program

Our Medical Program benefits hundreds of children in the disadvantaged communities around Kungwini where we offer our regular on site medical assessments and treatments; identify medical and psychological barriers to education; physiotherapy, and occupational therapy sessions. The impact of this program can be seen where children obtain increased comfort and mobility, improved attendance and performance at classes, improved social interaction and integration in the communities.

Drug Benefits

Our Drug Benefit Program provides the essential medications to these children who are unable to afford them. Many of these children are orphaned or abandoned and live in temporary shelters.

Assistive Devices

Our Assistive Devices Program provides assistive devices that improve posture and mobility, facilitate medical and other therapies, and support the efforts of the educators, our therapists and physicians.

Inclusive Education

We support Inclusive Education programs in disadvantaged communities and support children with disabilities in mainstream schools. Information is given to educators in optimizing the children’s health, identifying at- risk situations, and exercises that promote health.

Social Program

Our Social Program includes campaigns to promote our activities in their schools and communities; engage the communities and businesses to support and aid the program so as to sustain the initiatives of the Kungwini Dream Fund and the School Health Projects. We have the support and guidance for these projects from the Mayor’s office of Tswane (Pretoria), the Chief Whip Counsellor J. Mabona and his secretary Mr. Peter Nkosi. An annual festival and parade through the city of Kungwini is being planned as a fund raising and awareness campaign, to attract community support for children with disabilities as well as the concept of inclusive education and inclusive living within the community.

Ambassadors Program

Our Ambassadors Program encourages a relationship with a group of young people who want to work with The KDF. The aim of the project will be to promote Campaign events (e.g. Art & Poetry Competition, Sport, Auctions, etc.) at their school and in their community in order to raise a positive awareness of inclusion and diversity for the intellectually and physically challenged members of the community. to stimulate ideas, develop leadership skills and escalate community development.